On May 4, the residents of District 14 will have the opportunity vote for their City Council representative.  My name is David Blewett, I am running to become your next Councilman and I hope I can count on your support and vote.

The week before I filed, my wife Kristin, and I went out to Terilli’s to discuss my decision to run…

What’s your why?

Kristin is a Strategy Consultant and one of the critical questions that she regularly asks her clients is...what’s your why? I’ve heard her say it before, but I never thought she’d use it on me.

It’s a hard question. It’s not just saying you want or enjoy something. It’s your core belief system and what motivates you to achieve the important things in life. As she drilled down we got closer to the reason why we needed to do this. 

It has increasingly bothered us to hear friends and neighbors insulted by our current councilman. It has bothered us that so many have been disparaged and called liars or stupid or even racists when holding different opinions from him. This is unacceptable behavior from any elected representative.

For the last 25 years we have built a great life in this city. We’ve lived all over District 14, from apartments in the Village and Knox-Henderson, to our first home in the M Streets, to our current home East of Skillman. Today we have seven kids all enrolled in our local public schools, great friends and neighbors who act as our extended family, and we are active volunteers in our Neighborhood Association as well as many different school support groups. 

As has been said. It takes a village. And our village, our neighbors and friends, have helped us and allowed us to build this life. 

That’s my “why”…

Please help support my campaign by putting a sign in your yard, hosting a coffee or a meet and greet. And I need financial help too (any amount is welcome and necessary for a successful campaign).

Most importantly, vote for me on May 4th!

With your help, I promise to work as hard as I can to win this race and return respect and effectiveness to Dallas city government.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Respectfully, your neighbor,

David Blewett