What’s My “Why”?

The Core Values of the City of Dallas are Empathy, Ethics, Excellence and Equity.

As a council member it is my job to uphold these values and represent us to downtown…not to represent downtown to us.

City Hall just isn’t working…it’s broken. Our current councilman’s lack of leadership and antagonistic methods through the years has created a toxic environment where rising property taxes, a reduced Dallas police force, broken streets, mounting crime and public safety issues are affecting all of us. What’s your “why”?

As your City Councilman, I will lead change at City Hall and heal the division that has grown over our City’s leadership by listening and representing our District’s voice, process and action.

Why should our property taxes go up and our public services go down? 

We need to stabilize property taxes for home owners with an effective tax rate so that we are not priced out of our homes and out of this community. 

Currently no one in the City Council is advocating for an effective tax rate…in fact, they’re arguing against it. 

Everybody agrees that our infrastructure needs work.

The issue isn’t money or identifying fixes. The issue is fixing them properly with accountability and follow-through in City Hall. 

Instead of just checking the boxes, let’s fix our infrastructure issues efficiently and right through culture change and process.

Our streets need to be more biker and pedestrian-friendly. Flashing lights at crosswalks, more stop lights, and slower traffic will ensure our families and kids stay safe and our neighborhoods connected.

Our Dallas police force is down and it’s not a budgetary issue.

DPD has a culture of going above and beyond. They do extra because they love our City, they love their jobs and they love us. But our cops are overworked and under rewarded so we’re seeing more crime, a delay in police response time and lowered police presence.

The city of Dallas needs 1,000 more police officers. I can help with that by recruiting 100 more officers in District 14 with better pay, improved pensions and the tools they need to keep our streets safe.

Everybody’s voice deserves respect. 

As your City Council representative, I will work hard to heal the division that has grown over our City the past few years. Inside culture change through listening to you, process and action.