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About David

David Blewett was elected to the Dallas City Council in June of 2019. As a 25 year resident of District 14, David is honored to represent the community that he, his wife Kristen and their seven children call home.

David was born in California, moved to Arizona, then on to Colorado after graduating high school in 1984. Following his passion for the game, David moved to Dallas and accepted a scholarship to play football at Southern Methodist University. After graduating SMU, David took a sales position in Detroit, Michigan.  While there, he attended night school at Wayne State University and earned his MBA in Finance.

David wasn’t a fan of the frigid Detroit winters and missed the warm and friendly environment he’d come to know and love in Dallas. In 1994, he found his way back to Dallas and into the Village Apartments. David worked for National Mortgage Bank training real estate professionals on the Community Reinvestment Act and various other government programs.  In 1998, he started his own mortgage company.  Vowing to never again leave this great State, David purchased a home in the M-Streets, firmly securing his roots in Dallas. Shortly following that purchase, he got married, adopted a dog, and started a family.

For the last 25 years David and his family have built a great life in East Dallas. They have lived all over District 14, from apartments in the Village and on Knox-Henderson, to their first home in the M Streets, to their current home East of Skillman. Today, David and his wife Kristen have seven kids all enrolled in DISD, where they are active volunteers in the neighborhood association as well as many different school support groups.

David has consistently been involved in our public schools and local politics in the hopes that he can make our community better. 

A list of a few civic and community activities He has been involved in include:

  • Crime Watch Chair for Lakewood Heights. 

  • Volunteered for numerous neighborhood public-school organizations and events.

  • Appointed by City Council to represent the M-Streets as we developed and managed the permitting process for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Greenville Ave.

  • Helped enact the Conservation District for the M-Streets to better preserve our historic homes.

  • Participated as a member of the mandated Renaming Committee to help choose a new name for Stonewall Jackson Elementary, now known as Mockingbird Elementary School.

The communities that make up District 14 are some of the most vibrant and diverse neighborhoods in Dallas. Those neighborhoods have great public schools, libraries and parks, as well as an eclectic variety of restaurants, bars, and shops that keep popping up. 

We are all one big diverse and chaotic family here in District 14 and David is honored to live here and serve you and your community.